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Cremation Options

Cremation does not limit choices. Choosing cremation does not eliminate nor does it require a funeral service. But in fact, it can add in many ways to one’s memorialization options.

These options can include a Traditional Funeral Service,  
except the cremation will follow in place of the casketed burial. This can include visitation, followed by a traditional or contemporary memorial service at a church, funeral home, or at another location with the use of a casket that is designed to be cremated or by the use of a rental casket.

The Immediate Cremation Service can be arranged as an immediate disposition of the body. 
Afterwards, the cremated remains are placed in a basic container and returned to you. Or they may be placed in the urn of your choice from our large selection of urns available for purchase. Post cremation services can be held at this time at your option.

Under certain circumstances, the body may be viewed without embalming. 
Immediate family members may briefly view the deceased prior to cremation in our private viewing room.

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