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Pasqualina (Lena) (Racioppo) Palermo

April 17, 2018

Pasqualina (Lena) Palermo

Born March 28, 1931

Fell Asleep April 17, 2018

Pasqualina ( Lena) Palermo was born in Deliceto, Italy March 28 1931. She came to this country in 1951 with her husband Frank Palermo, Sr. and her newborn baby Louis .They settled down in Newark, N.J. Lena Palermo went to night school in Newark to learn English and become a citizen. Three years later on March 31, 1954 she had her second son, Gennaro. Ten years later on Sept 15, 1964 she had her third son Frank Jr. and then on April 17 1968 she had her fourth son Marcel.
Most of Lena’s life she was a housewife but she learned how to be a tailor by her mom in Italy and she used those skills to help her family and friends.
Lena and her family moved to Caldwell, N.J. In 1971 and she would live there for the rest of her life.
While Lena was living in Caldwell, she always had a sense for spirituality and having been raised Catholic she raised her sons that way also. Then one day her washing machine broke down and she had to go to the laundromat and it was there that one of Jehovah’s Witnesses preached to her and offered a free bible study. Lena accepted, but only on one condition that she wanted to study in her catholic bible and she had no interest in changing her religion.
It was at that time that Lena was really looking for the truth from the Bible so she began to study with about 4 other religions and the only religion that answered all her questions and taught her from her own catholic bible were Jehovah's Witnesses.
Some of the truths that really impressed her was that Almighty God had a name Jehovah, that there would be a resurrection on earth in paradise and people would have a chance to live forever, that a loving Heavenly Father would not burn bad people in a fiery hell forever, and the list goes on and on but she knew that this was all possible because Jehovah God gave his only begotten son Jesus to die for all mankind. Then in 1975 Lena got baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Lena had to endure one of the most painful things any parent would have to go through, that was the loss of her son Gennaro in 1986. She knew that someday she would see him again because of the beautiful promise from Jehovah through his son Jesus (John 5:28,29)
Because of Lena’s deep love for God and the Bible she spent countless hours studying her bible sometimes till the wee hours of the morning. As she learned of the wonderful things promised in the Bible, she wanted to share them with everyone despite ridicule.
Toward the end of her life she was never anxious about the future of how she would live, in fact on several occasions she told her son Frank that she came into this world with nothing and she would leave this world with nothing.
Everyone that knew Lena would always say that she was a unselfish caring person. Her whole life she always took care or her family and anyone she knew whether it was by cooking , fixing everyone’s clothes or by sharing with others the beautiful truths found in God’s word the Bible because she truly cared about everyone.
On 10/18/2011 Lena also endured the loss of her husband Frank, Sr. who was a good provider for her and her family. On 4/17/2018 Lena fell asleep. She is survived by her sons Louis, Frank and Marcel who truly loved their mom and look forward to seeing her again. Because of Lena’s assured faith, she really looks forward to seeing her family, relatives and friends in a paradise promised by her creator Jehovah , where everyone will live in peace and truly be happy forever. (Rev. 21: 3,4)










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